Saturday, 1 September 2007

Autumn Leaves

Hello Everybody!

Wow, this summer's been real quick! Autumn is coming ever closer as the weather is growing colder. I absolutely love this time of year, it's so beautiful!

Ricard von Göten

Monday, 27 August 2007

The Secret

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Many of you have certainly heard the buzz already, but for those of you who've not found out yet, I feel obliged to inform you about the inspiring and amazing concept that has become known as The Secret. It has truly changed my life and and changed many of the lives and realities of the people who surround me. This video is a mind blowing experience and a real eye-opener for many who are new to the field of psycics, parapsychology and paranormal research.

If today is the lucky day upon which you first stumble across this amazing concept, you're holding the key to amazing success and unlimited wealth in your hand as you're reading this text. Heck, even Oprah's talking about it! It's one of those things which belong with the elusive obvious, one of those universal truths that will render you with complete control over your life. If you're truly dedicated in your struggle to understand the paranormal, you will have to watch The Secret.

Psycics, geniouses, mediums, clergymen and preachers have all alluded to this concept throughout their teachings. It is an apparition before us that, for those of us who realize it's full potency, will surely bring life shattering and ground breaking positive consequence into your life.

You can watch the first 20 minutes of the video here. More information can be found at

Yours Truly,

Ricard von Göten

Sunday, 26 August 2007

The Elusive Obvious

Hardcore, Zen, Punk Rock, Monster Movies & the Truth About Reality is the title of a recent book by author Brad Warner. A book which I've personally had the fortune to come across the past week, what a mind altering read indeed!

The book describes Warner's journey throughout life, how he started out in a small town in Ohio as a struggling musician, how he came to Japan and how he learned all about Zen Buddhism. I've personally been a fan of meditation for an extended period of time, and although it's not exactly a psycic ability, I believe that it gives you a closeness to a reality and clairvoyant glimpses into what really surrounds us.

Warner writes in an easy-to-read manner and he's thoroughly entertaining throughout the book. I believe that this book manifests many topics and ideas that I would describe as part of the "elusive obvious", that which we can only understand once we learn to remove the blind-spots which hinder us from realizing the obvious, the blind-spots which make the difference between the clairvoyant and the ordinary.

A psycic may call it their special ability, however I believe that this ability lies within all of us, it's merely a matter of opening up and seeing reality for what it is. To read the texture and fiber of the matrix that surrounds us.

It was once said that when the Europeans came to America, the Indians could not see the ships that carried them on their journey, because their blind-spots were so firmly planted in their minds, they could not see the obvious - the elusive obvious.

Through my writing in this blog, and throughout my journey in life, my main focus will be directed towards removing the blind-spots that keep us all from knowing that which is the elusive obvious, the clairvoyant mind is my holy grail and my outmost efforts will forever be dedicated to opening up myself and other people so that they may also see reality for what it is. It has always been my firm belief that the goal of life is absolute understanding of the world that we live in, and that man-kinds first existential task is to reach a deeper understanding of this concept which is the elusive obvious.

Through psychics, paranormal research, mediums etc, I believe that we can learn a great deal about our place in the universe, for this reason I wish to further the psychic and paranormal community through this blog.

Yours Truly,

Ricard von Göten

The Psycic Blog is Finally on it's Feet!

Hello Gentlemen, Witches, Wizards, Psychics, Mediums and others who find the paranormal dephts of human existance intriguing!

In this blog I will try to convey to you, my dear audience, my findings, experiences and knowledge of the paranormal that I've encountered in my short lifetime in this part of the cosmos. I hope that you, like me, find that the mind altering knowledge that is out there and hidden from most of the population is indeed one of, if not the, most interesting field of study for modern man. What I've encountered, through meetings with psycics and mediums throughout my voyages has surely changed my view of the world, and I hope that it has done the same for you!

My dearest regards,

Ricard von Göten